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Keroche heiress forced to apologise for weight loss rant

The daughter to Tabitha Karanja of Keroche Breweries, Anerlisa Muigai, was on Monday forced to publicly apologise for a distasteful post on Instagram.

In the said post, Anerlisa wrote that if people could run as fast as they ran their mouths they would lose weight.

Her message was meant to shut down her haters whom she claimed have been alleging that she lost her weight through surgery.


The post was believed to have been as a result of comments made by panelists in a show on Ebru TV.

One of the female panelists, who is plus size, claimed that Anerlisa had liposuction procedure done to reduce her tummy.

Anerlisa’s post, which was seen as a clap back, featured a hastag #Obesityisachoice provoking dozens of reactions.

Njerifaiza commented, “Maskini akipata matako hulia mbwata. Clearly you’ve forgotten where you was some few yrs ago, your hashtag is uncalled for. Period!”


Wanjiru_karwe wrote, “I saw my sister grow from 40kgs to 80kgs because of an illness yet someone says obesity is a choice!!!!”

iamkui_ stated, “YOUR obesity may have been a choice but there are people out here with real health issues. Try some humility and empathy.”

Naominayn wrote, “I disagree with this, what about people with hyperthyroidism, depression and cushing’s syndrome? #obesityisnotachoice.”

The flurry of criticism compelled Anerlisa to take back her words, explaining that she never meant to ridicule those struggling with weight loss.