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Khaligraph baby mama drama continues

It seems the situation between rapper Khaligraph Jones and his baby mama Cashy Karimi is getting messier by the day, if this latest post by Cashy is anything to go about.

The mother of one has disclosed the frustrations she has been subjected to by the rapper that is causing her to make noise.

Through her representatives, Cashy has explained that her son has been out of school due to lack of school fees and Khaligraph has decided not to do anything about it, hiding behind the lawsuit he filed against her.

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According to Cashy, she has been waiting for the hearing of the case since July. She claims the hearing date of the case was postponed after the file went missing.

“Karimi has been threatened with all form of action, as evidenced by the video clip and additional statement issued by parties stopping her from pursuing any form of basic child rights. School fees at the very least is not an outrageous ‘demand’ considering she was compelled to give DNA test results in August 2021,” Cashy’s representatives said.

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“We have been in Nairobi for the said access case since 14.7.2022, patiently waited for a hearing that was postponed because the file went missing last week. In this time, as we wait for the next date, is it fair for the child to be out of school? This is painful and traumatizing for the child and the mother, considering the aggressive parties benefit from the ‘silence’. We urge her to be strong and we appreciate all who have and continue to support her in this four year journey,” they concluded.

Khaligraph filed a lawsuit against Cashy regarding child support. According to Khaligraph, his baby mama has been making “outrageous demands” which has compelled him to seek legal redress to solve the matter.

Cashy has been posting allegations of Khaligraph not supporting their child despite requesting her to bring the child to him. Khaligraph is currently in a committed relationship with 22-year-old Georgina Muteti with whom they have children together.

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