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Khaligraph Jones: The Gen Z movement restored my lost hope for change

Rapper Khaligraph Jones admits he had lost hope with the current political and ruling class style of governance, accused by the masses of overburdening ordinary Kenyans with taxes, corruption and ignoring their plight.

But Jones now says Gen Z has given him a voice of reason and purpose to believe that change is possible when the powers that be are put under immense pressure by the unity of the people.

When Kenyans started calling on MPs not to pass the controversial Finance Bill 2024 through social media comments, some ruling coalition MPs arrogantly and ignorantly vowed to pass the bill as the President wanted, which they did.

But it took the actions of the Gen Zs for the president to feel the pressure and refuse to assent to the bill, sending it back to parliament.

But unlike other protests Kenya had seen before, the Gen Z protest that began in Nairobi sparked a nationwide uprising across the country.

Worse still, for the first time in history, the protesters invaded the parliament building to voice their displeasure when the bill was passed.

The scene was so frightening that MPs were forced to flee for their lives into ambulances and bunkers for fear of running into the angry protesters.

It is these unprecedented accounts that Jones says have given him hope that change is possible in the country.

“Advocacy for change has been there since time in memorial, there has always been protests but this time round Gen Z changed the pattern for the usual which is a very good thing. Honestly speaking I had lost hope but then the Gen Z have revived it. When they began the protests I wasn’t really sure if they were serious because of what we have seen in the past. But then I realized they were not relenting and the movement was growing stronger every day and its yield result. I am just happy to see what has happened and I am grateful to the Gen Zs. I had long waited to see such an action” Omollo aka Jones said.

The rapper says he is glad to have been alive to witness such a revolution that unlike others, had no leader but just coming together of concerned Kenyans tired of being oppressed by their government.