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Khaligraph tells Kayole’s Gaza gang to give up guns in new song – VIDEO

Rapper Khaligraph Jones occasionally reminds people of his lyrical ability to bring change in society. In between such epsiodes, fans have to contend with a super size ego and trite phases.

His latest hit, Gaza, is one such occasion when he puts his rapping prowess to good use.

The rapper, who grew up in Kayole, delivers a lyrical sermon to members of the dreaded Gaza gang, calling on them to put away their guns and shun life in crime.


Members of Gaza gang have been linked to the runaway crime in Kayole and neighbouring estates in Eastlands. Its high ranking members have been shot dead by police in killings widely covered in the media.

In his song, Khaligraph asks the Gaza youth; “where do we go from here?”

Rapping in an uncharacteristic slow tempo, he tells them; “I know you are stressed out and you think that revenge is the best route out, but look at me out here lying out lifeless.”

The video captures Khaligraph as a slain thug lying in a coffin dressed all white.  He apologises for setting a bad example and advices them to “stop the violence, stop the killing and you have the power to it if they are willing.”


He mentions the online character variously as “Hessy wa Kayole”, “Hessy wa Huruma”, “Hessy wa Dandora” or “Hessy wa Eastlando” and warns Gaza gang members that Hessy is still out there.

Hessy is suspected to be an undercover policeman who has been sending shivers down the spines of Nairobi’s criminals by posting chilling warnings before the alleged gangsters are executed.

The video of the new hit has been widely shared on social media, with comments urging the youths to stop the killing.

“Hessy wa Eastlando” also took to his Facebook page and shared the song saying; “Deep and Dope, Kayole’s finest Kaligraph Jones aka adiPapa. Has a strong message for our youths, Gaza and other criminals.”