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Khaligraph raps but mom has no idea what ‘remix’ is – VIDEO

By NAIRA HABIB September 30th, 2017 1 min read

Rapper Khaligraph Jones’ mother has stolen the show from her famous son with an innocent remark and show of indifference in a video featuring mother and son.

In the short clip shared by Khaligraph, the rapper is seen passionately singing to one of his song playing on the car radio. His mother, in black sunglasses, seems unmoved by her son’s antics.

“Me and Moms Outchea keeping it Gansta As Usual, Kama Kawa Mazishi ni ile ile, watch out for this remix,” wrote Khaligraph.


At the end of the clip the controversial rapper informs his fans to watch out for a remix of the song, Mazishi.

But it’s his mother’s response when asked to tell the viewers to watch out for the remix that has left most of his followers in stitches.

Here are some of the comments by the rapper’s followers:

Rawnyronald said, “The mom’s wondering; what the hell going on here”, while Mbakafelix commented “Maze acha kushtua mathe.”

“Jameni huyu mama anavyokuagalia anasem huyu mwanangu jameni” commented Janelicious4 while King_knight890 wrote “Mathee anashangaa tu huyu mtoi ni kuchizi kachizi au kumbe ni?”

“Khali u telling mum remix ni remix buda. Pictured my mum in those shades. Trust Ur mum is proud of you OG,” Swabrie said.