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Khaligraph, Nadia Mukami criticizes Eric Omondi for clout chasing

Popular Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi left fans and fellow musicians baffled as he deviated from his previously stated activism for the lowly suffering Kenyan to attacking the music industry fraternity.

The diss video featured an upcoming project announcement with socialite Amber Ray, it drew criticism from renowned rapper Khaligraph and singer Nadia Mukami, who accused Eric of chasing clout and being inconsistent in his messages.

In the video, Eric expressed his frustration with Kenyan musicians, claiming they were not producing great music despite his efforts to fight for their rights.

“I went to parliament to fight for you, but still you have no shows to hold and you cannot come out and speak for yourselves with good music. You have allowed international artists to invade your country,” he said.

Khaligraph, known for his outspoken opinions, took to the comments section to address Eric directly.

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He urged him to focus on a specific cause instead of chasing clout, shamelessly.

“You need to pick a fight bro, ndio tukuchukue serious (For us to take you seriously). Yesterday, you were spearheading a very important agenda that made me go to the studio and record a song on the same subject,” Khaligraph commented.

“For once, I was on the same page as you, but today you are back to chasing clout? And tomorrow you want to address the president like a comedian in your league? That’s how content creators get taxed. Grow up,” Khaligraph added.

Nadia Mukami, another top Kenyan music artist, joined the conversation and expressed her disappointment at Eric’s inconsistency.

“Eric, you had a clear vision and your statements made sense! But you keep changing your tune every day!

We cannot take you seriously! Yesterday I defended you in a discussion, saying that you had finally chosen a direction.

Today I come here and see this nonsense! As OG said, you are making it impossible for us to be taken seriously as an industry. This chasing of influence and our industry do not mix at all! Pick a side! NKT,” commented Nadia Mukami.

This is not the first time the comedian has called out Kenyan artistes for their lack of proactivity.

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