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Khaligraph pays tribute to his ex who dumped him then committed suicide

By Thomas Matiko November 21st, 2019 2 min read

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has revealed that he always feels sad whenever he remembers his ex-girlfriend Ruby Jezebel who dumped him and later committed suicide after she contracted HIV.

This was long before he met his immediate ex-girlfriend Miss Cashy and later hooking up with his girlfriend Georgina Muteti with whom they are blessed with a son, Amali Jones Ouko.


On Wednesday Khaligraph took to Instagram to free style on the traumatic experience of his past with Ruby which he said he had never shared with anyone.

In the video titled ‘The Ruby Story’, Khaligraph detailed how he met Ruby just after high school while working as a bouncer.

It was also around the same time that he was trying to make a breakthrough in his music career.

Khaligraph revealed that he was convinced that they were destined to be together forever and always.

“She was the best thing that happened in my life. We were young but I felt that she was my potential wife,” Khagraph raps in the 4 minute clip.

At the time Ruby worked as a front office attendant in Westlands and earned more money than Khaligraph.

Nonetheless, Ruby was content to be with him.


But two months down the line, things took a turn. Ruby started acting strange. She blacklisted Khaligraph and even moved from Buruburu, where she was living at the time, to the leafy suburbs of Lavington.

It was not long before the rapper realized that he had been dumped and Ruby had moved on with a sponsor.

Three years later, out of the blues, Ruby reached out to Khaligraph asking for a meet up.

But Ruby never showed up for the meeting and Khaligraph thought she had stood him up only to find out later that she had committed suicide on the same day.

Ruby left Khaligraph a letter saying “she was sorry for everything.”

“Ruby committed suicide on the same exact day we were meant to meet and this after finding out that she had contracted HIV. She also left me a letter akiniambia pole, apologizing for all I had to go through after we separated. I always feel sad about it,” Khaligraph said.