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Khalwale excites netizens with ‘cheeky’ comment on Azziad’s dance video

Kakamega senator Boni Khalwale has lit up social media after making a comment on the dancing skills of popular Tik Toker Azziad Nasenya.

Nasenya posted a video of herself dancing to Luhya singer Harry Richie song Vaida. The song has become popular among netizens who are taking part in the dance challenge.

According to singer Richie, Vaida is a beautiful girl married by a village boy who has left her in the village to look for work in the city.

The song’s message encourages all couples long distance relationships or marriages to be faithful to despite the loneliness and distance.

In the video Nasenya shakes her bum and bosom to illustrate what the song is all about to those who do not understand Luhya.

But it is Khalwale, who commented “cool” to the video, that has gotten the online community all excited.

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Here is are few reactions to the senator’s comment:

“Weee mzee,” @gabrieloguda tweeted.

“Mhesh has been hacked,” @10_MattWanjia said.

“Wachana na mans ajibambe,” @elvissamperu commented.

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“Yukuje lini na ngoma tupige show na hii nyimbo?” @AirbornePinchez said.

“Order Senator,” @dktarus said.

“Khalwale is about to risk it all,” @Daggzo said.

“Daktari, tuwachie huyu hatuna nguvu ya kushindana nawe Ichilis,” @UthmanOtieno stated.

“The bullfighter approves,” @keyboysteve wrote.

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