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Khalwale welcomes newest member of his family

Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has welcomed another child to his family. This after one of Khalwale’s sons became a father on Monday night. The vocal politician happily announced the news on social media.

“Blessings in abundance. Last night at Nairobi Hospital, the long wait for reincarnation of my late wife Adelaide Shikanga Khalwale came to a happy end. God blessed my family with Candice Shikanga Khalwale. Congratulations @TKhalwale for filling the void left by your mother’s demise,” he posted.

The post drew cheeky comments from the online community with some suggesting that the newborn child will be a star candidate in the 2035 national exams. This on the account of Khalwale’s habit of celebrating his children’s performance almost every year when KCPE or KCSE results are announcement.

In 2022 results, Khalwale celebrated his daughter Melissa Khamwenyi Khalwale who scored 402 marks in KCPE. A month later, he congratulated his twins a daughter and son for scoring A- and C+ respectively in KCSE.

Khalwale is seeking to reclaim the Kakamega senate seat on Deputy President William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket. Initially, Khalwale was seeking to run for gubernatorial seat before stepping down in favour of Senator Cleophas Malala.