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Khalwale: Why my bull fighter Kizito Moi had no wife, kids

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale says his fallen caretaker Kizito Moi Amukune was a Bachelor for the entirety of his life because he was a ‘special’ person.

Amukune was laid to rest at his home in Malinya, Kakamega County on February 5, 2024, days after he was gored to death by Khalwale’s bull.

He was 46.

Speaking at Amukune’s funeral, an emotional Khalwale who served as the deceased’s master for two decades, also hit out at unnamed people for making fun of the fact that his fallen employee had no wife and children.

“Some people here laugh at Moi because he was not married. It is not unusual for someone not to have a wife and kids. In each family, there has to be a special family. In my own family, we have a 50-year-old who doesn’t have a wife and kids,” explained Khalwale.

The politician also appeared to suggest that Amukune’s special attributes led him to take care of bulls.

“He was a good man. One evening, he came to my place and asked for a job. He said he wanted to take care of my bulls. You all know that people who take care of bulls are special. The old men here have understood me.”

Khalwale, who has announced his intent to contest for the Kakamega gubernatorial seat in the 2027 elections, has also hit out at area governor Fernandes Barasa and prominent businessman Cleopas Shimanyula for ‘politicising’ his herdsman’s death.

Shimanyula has suggested Amukune’s death was ‘suspicious’ and called on the authorities to investigate it.

“Barasa sent Shimanyula to mock my wives who have nothing to do with this incident. I do not know why. I have no problem when they drag my name in mud but why touch these innocent wives of mine? Anyway, now I’m done with the funeral and will serve them revenge equally.”

Khalwale vowed to continue supporting the deceased’s family.

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