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Kibaki’s elder brother dies after collapsing at home

Former President Mwai Kibaki’s elder brother Bernard Nderitu died on on Monday at his home in Iriani, Nyeri County.

According to his wife Martha Njeri,  they had just taken breakfast when the 88 year-old Mr Nderitu excused himself but suddenly collapsed as he approached the bathroom.

The deceased will remembered for giving up his chance to attend school to his younger brother Mwai Kibaki who proceeded to be Kenya’ third post-independence President.

His wife narrated to reporters how she had heard a loud bang at the bathroom’s he door and rushed to check only to find her husband motionless on the floor.

“We had just taken breakfast when he asked to go to the bathroom. I had a loud bang of the door as if something had fallen,” she said.

“I rushed to the bathroom and found him on the floor.”

The octogenarian had earlier in January been admitted in a hospital in Nairobi for two weeks where he was treated with pneumonia.

The family said he had responded well to medication and his death came as a sudden shock.

The late had attended a family function on Sunday and had mingled with relatives normally without complaining of any pain or discomfort.