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Kibera man charged with beating up police officer

June 21st, 2022 1 min read

A man who allegedly beat up a police officer while claiming to be his colleague has been charged with assault and impersonation.

Edward Mutaroki Nyaanga was charged at Kibera law courts with assaulting police constable Dominic Obura of Langata police station and causing him actual bodily injuries.

Nyaanga is accused of committing the offence in Southlands slums in Langata, Nairobi on June 16.

He is also facing a charge of impersonating a police officer contrary to section 10 of the National Police Service Act.

Nyaanga is accused of pretending to be a police officer with intent to intimidate Ombura and his colleague constable Ann Kendi while on their duty.

He allegedly confronted the two while on patrol and challenged them to stop where he is said to have claimed to be a police officer from Vigilance House – the Kenya Police Service headquarters.

Ombura asked him for his certificate of appointment but instead, he allegedly descended on him with blows prompting Ombura to arrest him.

Ombura denied the charges before chief magistrate Anne Mwangi.

He was released on a cash bail of Sh30, 000.

The case will be mentioned on June 28 for a pre-trial and fixing of hearing dates.