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Kibera man stabbed on the head with a chisel during burglary

Dramatic scenes unfolded in Kibera on Tuesday night when a man was forced to abandon an evening shower to rush back to his house that was being burgled.

The man however found the invader armed with a chisel. In the ensuing melee, the owner of the house was stabbed on the forehead.

The burglar was later beaten to death by members of the public after the victim raised alarm.

According the victim, he was taking a shower in an external makeshift bathroom when he saw someone peeping into his house and subsequently gain entry.

The thief reportedly took away a mobile phone and some money.

The man, still covered with soap foam, rushed back to his house where a struggle ensued with the burglar and he got stabbed on the forehead with a chisel.

Only the stolen phone was recovered from the burglar.

The victim was rushed to Medzek hospital where he was treated and discharged, while the ‘s body was taken to city mortuary awaiting identification.

In another incident, two men were beaten to death by members of the public after they robbed a man Sh3,000 in Kayaba slums.

The suspects who were in a group of three were armed with a toy pistol and crude weapons. The victim was walking home when the three attacked him.

One suspect managed to escape.

The two bodies were taken to city mortuary awaiting identification.