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Kibwana sends social media into meltdown with Betty Kyallo brunch

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana won hearts on social media with his humility as he hosted K24’s Betty Kyallo for brunch in her weekly Upclose show.

During recordings for the show, Governor  Kibwana drove into a kibanda in Wote town without much fanfare for the late breakfast come lunch

The governor revealed that he visits the mabati-structure eatery daily for breakfast where he interacts with residents.

“They know that I usually come so its just a chance meeting, the only thing is that sometimes governor can buy breakfast sometimes the people buy breakfast for the governor…anybody accesses you and sometimes they give information about things that are not going right and things that are going right so its also a social place,” he explained.


Kibwana on arrival greeted patrons who were at the kibanda with his two-hand handshake,  attracting the attention of netizens.

“Humble governor indeed. I was struck by how he greeted the lady who owns the small hotel and the people he found there,” Jim Gikonyo wrote.

“Kivutha is so humble…I’ve never seen a governor ride is such a small car,” Jeff Kamau commented with regards to the non-official car Kibwana used to the kibanda.

Kibwana during the brunch had sorghum ugali and fermented milk as he narrated his poverty stricken childhood that shaped his leadership.

The governor was raised by an aunt and had to share small meals cousins that barely filled their stomachs.


Kibwana said he was open to persuasion with regards to calls for him to vie for presidency in 2022.

He singled out Dr Mukhisa Kituyi as a good leader adding that Kenya needed good leadership.

Makunei and Nyandarua countries were earlier this week given a thumbs up by the auditor general on utilisation of funds.