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KICD denounces primary school book with f-word after parents’ fury

By Ouma Wanzala September 18th, 2019 1 min read

Kenya institute of curriculum development (KICD) has denounced a storybook that some parents have claimed that they have been asked to buy for their class six children and which uses vulgar language.

On Wednesday, angry parents took to social media to express their disappointment on how a book that uses the f-word can be approved for use in primary school.

The book titled Blood Ties is by storymoja life series and it is authored by Zimkhitha Mlamzeli. It is available at Textbook Centre.

“This book is not approved by KICD. It is not listed in the Orange book that contains a list of all books that schools should use for teaching and learning,” said KICD in a tweet.

In the morning, the book was available on the website of textbook centre but was letter pulled down following public outcry.


At textbook centre on Kijabe Street, the book was not available but 10 copies were available at Galleria.

The book, which has adult content, was borrowed from South Africa.

Syombua A. Kibue @Syombuak weote on Twitter : “Who vets the books before selection, do they actually read the books and If they do, did they think this type of language in a book is suitable for 12 year Olds???? Seriously!! Then we act shocked when they use the same language to express themselves..”

Churchill Oluoch @ChurchilOluoch wrote : “The buck stops with KICD these guys just sit and wait to be bribed to approve books.”

Beatrice Tangai @BTangai said: “Even without the swear words, the approach is horrible. Even adults get traumatized reading about a violent rape.”