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City Hall to hand out Sh2m to survivors of Huruma tragedy – Kidero

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero has said that the county government has set aside sh2 million to help victims of the Huruma building tragedy.

The death toll fom the collpased building has so far reached 16, with 135 residents of the 198 room building being evacuated.

A total of 65 residents remain unaccounted.

Governor Kidero has also said that county officials responsible for approving the construction of the building will be sacked on Tuesday.

He blamed politics, corruption and intervention from ‘powerful people’ to the constant collapse of buildings in Nairobi.

Mr Pius Maasai of the Natural Disaster Management Unit (NDMU) has said rescue operations have been hampered by congestion, heavy rain and the delicate nature of the operation since they believe there could be people still under the rubble.