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Kidero: Why the Nairobi city can’t cope with heavy rains

Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero on Saturday shifted blame on the poor drainage in the capital city to systemic negligence by previous administrators.

The negligence by Nairobi City Council, according to Governor Kidero, led to unplanned developments, poor storm water drainage system and encroachment of natural water courses.

In press statement following the collapse of a six-storey building in Huruma on Friday in the wake of the heavy rains, Dr Kidero gave scarce details on his initiatives so far to improve drainage in the city.

The Governor warned that the city will continue to experience “increased incidents of flooding on the roads, destruction of properties and flooding of rivers which result in traffic congestion, inconvenience to residents and sometimes injuries and fatalities.”

Here are Dr Kidero’s 11 reasons on why Nairobi city can not cope with the heavy rains,

1. Encroachment and obstruction of riparian reserves, natural water courses and drainage wayleaves and denial of access to drainage outfalls.

2. Indiscriminate disposal of solid waste consisting of excavated soils, construction debris and garbage onto water courses, road reserves and sewerage system restricting the proper functioning of the system.

3. Unsupervised poorly constructed and undersized storm water drainage infrastructure.

4. Passage of water pipes, telecommunication cables and other services through drainage infrastructure.

5. Depleted seepage zone due increased urban roof and impervious ground cover not matched by increase in capacity of the drainages system.

6. Blocking of drains for urban agricultural activities.

7. Informal Settlements on low lying areas and flood plains.

8. Deposition of soil into wetlands and marshy areas which affects land drainage and the ecosystem.

9. Physical developments and have preceded development of supporting infrastructure such as roads and drainage.

10. Blockage caused by debris trapped by grills installed across drains.

11. Landscaping on frontages which hinders discharge of storm water into the drain.