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Kidero: Nairobi has improved under my reign

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero has insisted that his administration has achieved visible improvement for the capital city.

” Major gains have been realized especially in the security sector. In 2013 between 50-56 crimes incidences were reported per day. This has now reduced to 2-4 crime incidences per day and none at all in some days in the city center,” he said  while attending church service at House Of Bread, Deliverance Church International on Sunday.

Dr Kidero’s high rating of his performance, however, is confronted by shocking realities of a city losing its glamour.

The city centre is clogged with hawkers, boda bodas, street families, taxis and matatus, while the open space at the Tom Mboya statue on Moi Avenue has been turned into an open-air market.

Matatus, notorious for flouting rules, are increasingly getting bolder, picking up and dropping passengers at undesignated areas. Taxis and boda bodas have turned almost every parking slot into a rank.

For the last two weeks, uncollected garbage is at alarming levels, which has forced the national government to intervene via the National Youth Service.

The Governor, whule addressing the congregants,  insisted he needs to be given more time to fix the city’s problems.

“Great things are happening and will continue happening. It may not be as fast as it should, but good things are happening in Nairobi City County,” emphasized Dr Kidero.