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Kidero: ‘Political cartels’ behind Sh200m bribery claim

By ISAAC ONGIRI February 1st, 2016 1 min read

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero now claims that a highly organised network of “political cartels”, out to have him thrown out of office, is behind the Sh200 million bribery claims against a Supreme Court judge.

Dr Kidero on Sunday claimed that the allegation that he bribed Justice Phillip Tunoi to influence the outcome on an election petition is a “fabrication” by agents working ways to have him thrown out of office or dent his image ahead of the 2017 general elections.

“The Sh200 million bribery claim against Justice Philip Tunoi is a political scheme against me by cartels strategizing for the 2017 elections,” Dr Kidero said.

The governor said the bribery “story” does not add up arguing that transportation of $2 million is no mean exercise.

An online currency converter states that it will require two strong men to carry two million dollars in $100 denomination.

According to the converter every dollar note has the same weight of about 1 gram. The amount of $2 million in $100 dollar notes weigh about 20 kilograms.

Dr Kidero said those plotting his downfall will not succeed.

“It is all political. The story is laughable and the constructors and executors know very well it is a big lie,” he said.

The governor once again denied knowing the judge personally and said he never drove in someone’s car on the day the deal is alleged to have been sealed.

“I don’t know Justice Tunoi, personally I have never met him. I have only seen from a distant mostly on TV like other Kenyans do,” he claimed.