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Kidero, Sonko spar over drug dealing claims

The rivalry between Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko and governor Evans Kidero has intensified after the latter suggested that drug money was being used to offer parallel social services to city residents.

“Nairobi is the centre of drug trafficking…What happens in Nairobi reminds me of what happened in Colombia,” governor Kidero told a congregation over the weekend.

” In Colombia, when drug lords want to go into government,  they start influencing the common population by parallel provision of services that the government provides,” he added, though he did not mention any names.

But Mr Kidero’s remarks were a veiled reference to the Sonko Rescue Team, associated with Senator Sonko, which offer free ambulances, free hearses, free limousines and security patrol cars.


The senator hit back at the governor with a series of tweets on Monday through the @Team_Sonko handle, accusing Mr Kidero of presiding over corruption at City Hall.

“Nairobians  have lost billions on corruption. Mumias (Mumias Sugar Limited) has lost billion in corruption. Which entity is next?” a tweet posed.

“The governor should concentrate on executing his mandate instead of diverting atteion by throwing around wild and silly accusations.”

Senator Sonko has in the past dispelled speculation on the source of his wealth, insisting he has never engaged in any illegal narcotics business.