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Kidero writes protest letter to ODM over plans to ‘rig him out’

By DAVID KWALIMWA September 14th, 2016 1 min read

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero has written a protest letter to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) over what he claims is a scheme to rig him out during the party nominations ahead of next year’s General elections.

Dr Kidero who defeated among others Ferdinand Waititu and Jimnah Mbaru during the 2013 gubernatorial elections, made his feelings clear in a letter addressed to the party secretariat on September 7.

“I have information that Hon. (Junet) Mohammed loudly swore (at a Nairobi restaurant on 5th September 2016) that I, Governor Kidero, will not be a candidate for the Governor of Nairobi since the party has already decided to deny me the party ticket for the 2017 General Elections,” Kidero wrote in the letter.


However, in a rejoinder, ODM – through Executive Director Oduor Ong’wen – denounced Kidero’s claims and gave an assurance of free and fair party nominations.

“ODM finds allegations that some people have paid or are about to pay money to certain individuals to influence their nomination for various seats disturbing. Those claiming to have done so with the view of influencing their nomination next year (2017) are attempting to subvert our rules and regulations of nominations and if found, will face automatic disqualification,” On’gwen’s statement reads in part.

ODM nominations and elections have in the past turned violent, even amid suggestions of favoritism in picking its flag bearers to contest in the national polls.