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Kidnapped city woman makes a daring escape from her abductor

A Nairobi woman made a daring escape from her abductor on Monday morning after being kidnapped and kept in captivity for around 20 hours.

The woman, 38 years-old, was kidnapped on Sunday while leaving Green Mall on Ngong road by an unarmed man at around 10.30am.

Details are still sketchy, but the man managed to commandeer the Toyota RunX vehicle and drove it to Meru. This was after he had subdued the woman, tied her legs and hands and blindfolded her.

The suspect, a 27 year-old man, drove the woman to Githongo forest in Meru from where he contacted her relatives to demand for ransom.

On Monday morning, the woman requested to be allowed to answer a call  of nature, which her abductor agreed to. As the suspect was making a phone call, she managed to escape on foot and found her way to Kariene Police Station.

By that time however, the abductor had already received some money from Ms Waithera’s family.

Police recovered the vehicle in Gatimbi area in a car wash and later arrested the suspect at Nkubu bus station.

Police said the suspect, who hails from Kivue, Embu county, is a wanted criminal who operated in Nairobi.

Meru County police commander Samson Kinne said the suspect is being held at Meru Police Station  and will be transferred to Nairobi.

The victim has since been reunited with her family in Nairobi.