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Public anger over alleged ‘kidnapping’ of elephant calf by KWS

The Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) has come under scathing attack by the online community for allegedly ‘kidnapped’ an elephant calf in the name of rescuing it.

This after KWS said that in conjunction with David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust they rescued an abandoned and weak elephant calf aged five months that had lost touch with a herd of elephants in Ripoi area, Narok County.

KWS added that the calf had already been named Llaro, and that after treatment it had since joined other orphaned elephants at the rescue center.

According to a witness, who identified himself as Sekerot Ole Mpetti, the said ‘kidnapping’ happened on Wednesday January 2, 2019 at the Oloirien area next to Ripoi, Olarro.

He accused Conservancy Limited and Mara Elephant Project saying that they used fireworks and gunfire to separate the infant elephant from its mother and the herd, then smuggled the elephant into one of their vehicles after which it was transported to the Siana Springs Airstip.

“They lied to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust that the infant elephant needed care at an orphanage the same day and DSWT dispatched an aircraft to collect the elephant and it was transported to Nairobi,” says Mr Mpetti.


“As I write this, the mother elephant has been returning to the scene of crime to look for its calf in vain,” the user said in a lengthy Facebook post.

The action did not go down well with Kenyans online who called out KWS over the incident.

A majority of them seemed angered by the fact that David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust decided to keep the baby elephant at the orphanage instead of returning it to its mother.

Here is how Kenyans on social media reacted: