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Kidum dares event organiser to sue him over ‘conning’ claims

By THOMAS MATIKO December 19th, 2017 2 min read

Nairobi based Burundian musician, Kidum, has dismissed claims that he conned an event organizer Sh250,000 and dared the complainant to make good his threats to sue him.

According to Hailemind Entertainment, a promotion company which was hired by SMP event’s organizer, Kidum inexplicably skipped show he was meant to be the main act and which had been set for Kericho Tea Hotel on December 15, 2017.

The complainant claims that Kidum made a no show even after being paid a deposit of Sh100,000

“SMP Events started engaging Kidum two months prior to the show which was to be graced by Deputy President William Ruto. They reached a contractual agreement of Sh250,000 and he was given an advance payment of Sh100,000. He was to be paid the balance Sh150,000 after the show. But when he was informed the deputy president would be attending, he started making fresh demands, asking for Sh300,000, which way above what the organizers were ready to offer,” Hailemind spokesman, David Guoro, told Nairobi News.


“We, Hailemind, put out the posters promoting the show and immediately he (Kidum) saw them he started throwing tantrums all over social media playing victim by accusing us of trying to solicit money using his name. Hailemind is considering legal action against him for tarnishing our image,” Guoro added.

However, when contacted Kidum – real name Jean-Pierre Nimbona – dismissed the allegations and even dared his detractors to go ahead and sue him.

“Does this guy really know what he is talking about? They can go ahead and sue me. There has been no contract presented to me until now, not in my email or physically. I was contacted by the organizers in July but to date, all that has been offered are sweet words and empty promises,” Kidum said.

“The actual verbally agreed amount was Sh300,000 and all I received was an initial sum of Sh5,000 and later on an additional Sh30,000 as goodwill. If I was conning then how would I have survived all these years in this game?” he posed.