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Kiengei defends gospel singer Sammy Irungu after naughty photos leak

Pastor Ben Kiengei alias comedian Muthee Kiengei has defended famous Kikuyu gospel musician Sammy Irungu after his naughty photos and videos were leaked online.

Sammy Irungu’s unfortunate photos and videos of him in a woman’s house trended online for the better part of the week.

Sammy Irungu was exposed by controversial and faceless Kikuyu blogger Martha Hinga.

While speaking to a YouTube channel, Kiengei condemned the blogger saying their intention was to bring down the artiste’s ego.

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Pastor Ben Kiengei a.k.a Muthee Kiengei
Pastor Ben Kiengei a.k.a Muthee Kiengei

He added that the blogger has a negative attitude and only wanted to satisfy his or her negative ego.

“Bloggers who exposed Sammy Irungu in another woman’s house want to feel happy,” Kiengei said adding that Irungu was not in their sister’s house or their father’s.

“Sammy Irungu was just shaving his pubic hairs where he felt comfortable and that is not a crime,” Kiengei stated.

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Kiengei said Kenyans also have no business in the video since Sammy was not with a child and he is a also grown-up who can do whatever he feels is right.

“It was not in a child’s house. The blogger took that photo, posted it and waited for thousands of comments and likes so he can be happy.

When you have the right attitude, you judge something before doing it,” Kiengei added.

“What is the big deal in shaving? Even where he was, it is not an issue to anyone, I could do it anywhere as long as I am comfortable.”

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Pastor Ben Kiengei a.k.a Muthee Kiengei
Pastor Ben Kiengei a.k.a Muthee Kiengei

The father of two said that Kenyans love dirty content and that was why it was trending saying in a real sense it had no additional value to anyone.

“The blogger wanted to feel good about Sammy Irungu being bullied online. He is looking for the downfall of Sammy so that he will be ashamed while serving God.”

Kiengei said he would never be afraid of anyone who wants to expose him since his attitude is to help people in life.

“If the blogger had a good attitude, they would have also promoted Sammy Irungu’s new song so he can also help him rise.”

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Before exposing Sammy Irungu, Hinga had also exposed Kikuyu gospel artist Mary Lincoln by releasing her intimate photos and videos of her in a lover’s house.

The blogger’s identity still remains a secret and most people argue that Martha Hinga is a male using a female name to hide his identity.

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