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Kienyeji ama broiler? how to choose your lifetime partner

By Winnie Onyando September 17th, 2023 2 min read

The pursuit of love is a universal desire shared by both men and women.

Many individuals have found themselves engaging in unusual behaviors in their quest for love or to gain affection from the opposite gender.

Although some claim that love is scarce, many continue to seek it because it’s an intrinsic human longing.

While modern women, especially GenZ, often prioritize enjoying their lives as single individuals, numerous women have been left feeling abandoned by the men they enjoyed their time with, believing they would eventually settle down together.

Millennials were careful to maintain a positive image in front of their partners or those they were dating to avoid jeopardizing their prospects when their qualities were under scrutiny.

Although men have different preferences when it comes to women they want to settle down with, the majority prefer carefree women who are themselves around them.

Kenneth Omondi, a Nairobi resident, shared his perspective on the matter.

“I appreciate a carefree woman with whom I can hang out and have a good time, but when it comes to selecting a life partner, I prefer someone who doesn’t drink or smoke. Just imagine having a wife who consumes ten beers like you do; it wouldn’t work for me,” Omondi told Nairobi News.

“I can’t imagine my wife engaging in the same activities I see in the club. While I support gender equality, I believe modesty is an undervalued virtue.”

David Kangethe, another Nairobi resident, expressed similar sentiments.

“Honestly, I prefer someone with traditional values. Despite the perception that they may be old-fashioned or less educated when it comes to choosing a life partner and raising a family, I prioritize qualities beyond mere fun. I look for a nurturer rather than a competitor. It’s fine for everyone to have fun, but there are boundaries,” Kangethe commented.

“While many women argue that they have the right to do whatever they please, what they fail to realize is that men are often driven by the pursuit of their desires. Once they achieve what they want from you, they may seek what they consider ideal or valuable.”

Although discussions about gender equality remain significant, it is crucial for both parties to recognize that it should not be a competition.

There is no need to prove oneself, and achieving balance is essential when addressing gender-related issues.

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