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‘Kigeugeu’ not just a song, it’s the story of Jaguar the politician – KOT

Starehe MP Charles Njagua, alias Jaguar, released the hit song song ‘Kigeugeu‘ in 2011 to criticise politicians who go against their word.

The song is now being used to taunt him after his attempt to change the narrative over his arrest on Wednesday for xenophobic remarks he made against foreign traders.

“I am giving the government 24 hours to deport them, if not, we will march into their business premises, we shall remove them, we shall beat them and take them to the airport. Matiang’i and the Department of Immigration’s job will be to fly them back to their home countries,” the MP had said.

Moments after his arrest, a statement on Jaguar’s Twitter account claimed that his remarks had been misinterpreted.

“My recent sentiments over the invading of our market by foreigners have been greatly recent sentiments over the invading of our market by foreigners have been greatly misinterpreted. I mean peace for the country and businesses should go on uninterrupted and all foreigners are welcome to our country,” read the tweet.

Kenyans on Twitter didn’t take the new position kindly.

Steve Jay tweeted; “Kigeugeu.”

‏”You said it ” Tutawapiga. Tutawatoa na sisi hatuogopi mtu” . Officially apologise and stop trying to act smart, wish you were,” wrote Mohammed Hersi

@Anko_geof posted; “A pure summary of your song “kigeugeu.”

‏”Wanasiasa vigeugeu. Jaguar kigeugeu. Kumbe ulikuwa unajiimba meehn,” commented Babuu mmoja

Gentlemanist added; “It would make more sense if you would send an apology instead of trying to outsmart your statement .You only had to say “Please accept my apology for causing hurt / angry to my foreign brothers and sisters due to the wrong statement I gave. I take full responsibility.I was wrong.”

Mr Gold Rodgers said; “Wasn’t he the one complaining that “nikifanya juu chini ili nivuke border…” Ama ni border ya Nairobi na Mavoko?”

Trojan Horse added; ”Ur the one who sang “KIGEUGEU” …so no problem ur a politician too”.

“‏ Wakihustle juu chini iliwavuke border ,unawageuzia,” commented Abuodha kabuoro

Francis Kigondu‏ tweeted; ”Si wewe ulikua unahustle juu chini ili uvuke border… sasa umekua kigeugeu..

“ Just change your profile to “Kigeugeu”. We understand” said caballero‏

Abdul Nondo posted; “Wewe @RealJaguarKenya uwe makini kura aimbwagi hivyo ! Unageuka maneno yako uliyo yasema mwenyewe ! Kigeugeu kama nyimbo yako ! Muone