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Kikuyu funeral performer drums sense into mourners’ head – VIDEO

The performance of a Kikuyu musician at a funeral has gone viral online.

The male musician gives nuggets of wisdom on the need to take care of people while they are still living, instead of pampering them posthumously with lavish funerals.

He sang using a traditional rhythm and lightened up the mood of the mourners who often interrupted the performance to applause his lyrics.

In the song, the man sings of how people buy clothes and shoes to bury the dead without thinking of extending a similar gesture when the person was still alive.

He goes on to describe how a people can get sick to the point of others wondering if they have any relatives, but the relatives to flock into the home when they die.

The man gave a hilarious narration of how a person once asked his family to help him get his teeth fixed and they refused. But when the person died they fixed the teeth leaving him wondering if they expected the person to use them to eat termites in the grave.

The video has been shared widely online with users agreeing with the man’s message that people should take care or their family and friends when they are still alive and quit the burial day pretense.