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Kikuyu musician Muigai wa Njoroge summoned over ‘inciting’ song

Kikuyu Benga musician Muigai wa Njoroge was on Monday summoned by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) following the release of his controversial single Ino Migunda which translates to “These Pieces of Land”.

According to the letter sent to the musician, the words in his song are threatening and insulting and likely to affect the harmonious existence of Kenyan communities.


Further, the letter directed the musician to appear before the commission on Friday June 26, 2020 at their office in Upper Hill.

“Take notice that pursuant to section 29 of the NCI act, summons issued by the commission must be obeyed as if such summons were issued by the High Court,” the letter reads.

The commission further noted that the musician will be cited for contempt of court should he fail to appear on the said date in person.

The song that speaks on land issues, politics of the dynasties was released six days ago and has so far attracted more than 600,000 views.

In the song, the singer throws jibes at individuals who inherited their wealth from their fathers but continue to oppress the poor.


Part of the songs lyric loosely translate to:

This land will be subdivided equally since it cannot be sliced into pieces for human consumption.

There will come a time when the common man will not tolerate your oppression anymore.

Muigai wa Njoroge further questions the government on the recent demolition in Kariobangi and Ruai.

He sings:

Despite Coronavirus and heavy rainfall you demolished the houses of the poor. Was it that urgent?

Couldn’t the project wait? Some deeds are beyond the devil’s imagination.

He further wonders why the politicians have not given out masks like they do every election year when they dish out branded t-shirts and caps.