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Kilimani Mums set to launch a tell-it-all TV show – VIDEO

If you thought tales on their Facebook page Kilimani Mums are heart rending, wait until you see them on TV soon.

The Facebook group has long become the platform where women share extremely personal problems, from love triangles involving their house helps, mothers-in-law drama, conniving husbands, to seeking cure for venereal diseases contracted from cheating husbands.

And now you will be able to see and hear them on a local TV station.

In a promotional video shared on YouTube on Tuesday, the Kilimani Mums Show will be giving women a chance to freely share their stories and inspire one another.

“Many women in Kenya are afraid of telling their stories simply because they fear being ostracized, judged or even termed as “not good enough”. We are giving these women a chance to freely share their stories, empower, challenge and inspire one another,” the video’s caption read.

The administrators of the popular Facebook group have lately been at odds after they took their supremacy battles to court after a dramatic fallout. Magdalene Nzisa, a lawyer who started the Kilimani mums Facebook group, took the co-admin Purity Nduta to court.

Ms Nzisa has since removed Ms Nduta as a co-admin of the group.