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Thirsty Kilimani Mums drool over ‘eye candy’ MP

Kenyan women have for the last couple of days been drooling at Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wa.

Ichung’wa, who will be retaining his seat unopposed, has become an eye candy in the popular Kilimani Mums group on Facebook.

A member of the group shared a photo of the legislator, setting the stage for admirers to comment.

Kimani Ichungwa's campaign poster. PHOTO | COURTESY
Kimani Ichungwa’s campaign poster. PHOTO | COURTESY

The women praised Ichung’wafor his ability to work the crowd during rallies while others focused on his dimples, smile and white teeth among other features.

One user commented, “He looks edible kwanza the skin colour, lips, dimples, teeth gosh.”

Another wondered, “Ako sawa na hii kwa mamanzi tunasema ni “minji mjinji” na kwa wazee aitwe aje jameni? huyu ako juu tu sana.”


Maggie Muiruri, a Kikuyu constituent stated, “It is official, we have the hottest MP on this side of the Sahara.”

Another one commented, “Aki huyu mtu ako na meno poa na lips wah.. Too handsome for one person can I join in we share?”

One user commented, “Nani ako na number ya simu yake anisaidie. I want to congratulate him personally.”

Another one added, “His dimples are better than mine. Next time nahamisha kura, Kikuyu here we come.”

A user questioned, “Mko na number yake nimuulize nitafanyia nini meno zangu ziwe white hivo?”


Annie Kariuki commented, “Dimples aside, MP Kimani wa Ichung’wa has really worked for his constituents schools, health facilities, bursary fund, youths, boreholes, farm seeds and much more.

“He’s represented us well in parliament always participating in the debates in the house si kulala mpaka unamwaga mate. It was only in order to elect him once again to finish what he’s started and maybe roll out more programs.”

“He’s easily accessible kwa wale wanataka kuona hizo dimples up close, just go to his constituency office on Monday morning take a number and wait for your turn. Even if you are 1000 people he ensures he has attended to all of you by the end of the day #tanotena.”