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This is what ‘Kilimani Mums’ think of rapper Collo’s tall wife

Gospel rapper Collo and his tall wife have been the subject of a heated discussion online.

Collo and his wife Phoebe Ida last weekend celebrated their first marriage anniversary. The couple had dated for seven years before tying the knot in August 2016.

Collo, formerly of the Kleptomaniax music group,  shared his wedding photo with a sweet anniversary message.

A family photo shared by the rapper was however what became a subject of discussion.

The photo re-ignited a debate online on women marrying men who are shorter.

One woman stated; “I can’t do that, No no no, I can’t be taller than my man ?”

Another commented; “It doesn’t matter, what matters is how tall he is after standing on his wallet.??”

Another one wondered; “Hahaha. I kent instead yeye atoange bulb ikiungua sasa mimi ndo ntatoanga...???”

One user however interjected; “Where do we tall girls comment lol.”

Another commented; “Mimi wanaume wafupi…ptooh sitawezana na short man syndrome?”

But in the song You Guy (P-Unit and Collo) his verse says:

Niko area ka lenghts times width,
Sina height but anapenda my length she admits
One of us has to be the short one in the relationship
So imma take one for the team