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Kilimani murder: Police think suspect’s gunshot wound is a hoax

Detectives are probing whether Joseph Irungu, the man at the centre of the cruel murder of Monica Kimani last Thursday, might have faked a gunshot wound on his left shoulder to conceal the truth about the murder.

Irungu, alias Joe Jowi, is the fiancé of Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe.

He was arrested on Tuesday morning after preliminary investigations linked him to the murder, but claimed that he was attacked by gunmen on Friday morning after he dropped off Ms Maribe at her residence.

But police are questioning his narrative, saying they suspect the wound may have been occasioned by a struggle with the dead woman.

The incident occurred on September 1, in Kilimani, Nairobi.

Monica was murdered and her body placed inside a bathtub with her hands tied together, her mouth sealed with adhesive tape and her throat slit.


Detectives said their leads so far have only linked Mr Irungu to the murder.

Lead investigator Maxwell Otieno Wednesday said that at the end of the investigation, it may turn out that the wound was not inflicted by a bullet but by “other weapons”.

“Part of what we want to establish is about (Irungu’s) wound so that it may be known whether it’s a gunshot wound or it’s a wound that may have been inflicted by any other weapon (sic). I am saying that because preliminarily, it is suspected that the same (wound) may turn out not to be a gunshot wound at the end of the investigations,” Mr Otieno told Kiambu Senior Principal Magistrate Stella Atambo.

The magistrate Wednesday evening ordered Mr Irungu remanded for 10 days to facilitate further investigations. The court also ruled that he be taken to hospital.