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Kilimani tenants were sitting ducks as guards ‘colluded’ with thugs in raid – VIDEO

By Nyaboga Kiage February 26th, 2019 2 min read

Two security guards will be arraigned in court for colluding with robbers who attacked a Chinese couple at their house in Kilimani area, Nairobi.

CCTV footage retrieved from River Towers Apartment along Nyangumi Road captured how the thugs gained entry to the compound after being ushered inside by the suspects.

According to residents, the guard granted the tugs entrance without checking their car and its occupants.

The guards are supposed to record the car’s details in a black book, enquire where the occupants are headed to and use the inter-call phones to confirm with the host before allowing them in.


However, this did not happen as the guards just ushered in the car. The thugs, who were armed with blunt objects, proceeded straight to a house whose occupants were not in.

As soon as the four thugs entered the house, a Chinese couple that also lives in the apartment pulled at the gate and was ushered in. The two foreigners, Ms Wei Hang and Mr Jie Lang, are neighbors to the house the thugs were raiding.

Ms Hang alighted the car and headed to their house but on reaching at her door-step, was ambushed by the four robbers who forced her into the neighbour’s house and asked her to remain silent.

“They also ambushed my husband and forced him into the house I was in,” said Ms Hang in a police statement.

Mr Hang tried to scare away the thugs using his firearm, a Gloak Pistol, but was “disarmed and hit on the forehead with a blunt object.”

“He was injured and for some time I saw him lying on the floor covering his death, as he wriggled in pain, I even thought he had died,” she said.

Before they left the apartment, the thugs stumbled upon Mr Kamra Kangari and robbed him of his laptop and tablet that he was carrying inside a black bag.


The robbers seemed to have all the time, residents living in the apartment told Nairobi News, with Ms Hang saying that they even “assured us that the guards were aware that they were conducting an operation.”

On their way out, they fired one round of ammunition from the gun they had taken from Mr Lang in a bid to scare away other neighbors.

It later emerged that the security guards had not even recorded the car’s registration number.

The report was made at the Kilimani police station.