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Kilimanjaro Restaurant sets record straight over racial discrimination claims

Kilamanjaro Restaurant has categorically denied claims made by one customer accusing the establishment racial discrimination.

In a statement, the eatery has sought to shed light on an incident involving a female customer who made the claims on social media.

The customer claimed that she was racially discriminated against by the restaurant’s management by being told to move to another table after another customer came in.

The woman, who goes by the name Gladly Nelly on her Facebook page, claims that she went to Kilimanjaro restaurant on Banda street and took one of the tables on the balcony. She says the menu was brought to them but before they could order, one of the waiters asked them to move to another table because an another customer and his four-year-old daughter wanted to sit on that spot.

“We started to protest because how (sic) can they ask us to move and then the story changed to that the Arab man already reserved by calling. We knew that was a lie. He just wanted that specific table,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

She also alleges that the waiter was rude and practically yelling at them by this point.

“He then called the manager to tell him to ask us to leave and this time the claim was that we needed to go because yesterday we stayed at the same spot; table 65 for 4 hours and we made them loose so many customers. We just left because we didn’t want to cause a scene in front of the Arab man and his child. We couldn’t believe that this could happen to us in our own country,” she added.

But in response, the restaurant has said they have CCTV footage to prove that what the aggrieved customer wrote on social media is untrue.

According to the restaurant, the woman stayed at the eatery for more than six hours and not four. The restaurant also said the said customer had walked in and pushed the reserved tag away. When she was informed that the table was reserved she started hurling abuses and threatening staff.

“Noticing the family, she walked out protesting and saying she was racially discriminated and threatened our staff in her own words. ‘You will see what I will do’…. She took it to social media and made allegations that we have racially discriminated against her,” Kilimanjoro said in a statement.

The restaurant also said that after the woman made the claims, they called her to apologise and even invited her for a meal of her choice.

According to the restaurant, the woman’s claims have seriously damaged their public image with people calling them racists.

“We condemn in the strongest terms possible racism, promoting and supporting injustice against anyone based on the colour of their skin, social status or region,” the restaurant said.

But the aggrieved client on her part claims the restaurant has retracted its apology and is threatening to take legal action if she doesn’t delete her post.

The controversy has elicited an online debate with Kenyans giving varied views on the incident.