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IPOA questions killings of suspected gang rapists in Dandora

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) has launched investigations into the killing of 18 people in different incidents by the police.

According to a statement released by IPOA, six of those were shot and killed after they allegedly attacked and raped a woman in Dandora on Sunday morning.

Three more suspects were killed in Mathare and Huruma areas while three others were shot dead last week in Yatta and two more in Barma market.


Police reports indicated that in all the cases, the victims were suspects of crime.

But in a statement, the authority insists the law requires deaths caused by police to be investigated with a view of ensuring the 18 victims were not cases of extra-judicial killings.

“The various matters are under investigations. Upon conclusion, if culpability is found, the Authority will ensure the responsible officers face the full force of the law through appropriate criminal and/or disciplinary recommendations to the Director of Public Prosecutions and other suitable Government Agencies,” the authority said.


IPOA also wants to establish the circumstances that led to the killings in question, whether the victims were armed and if they posed any threat to the officers involved.

The authority is set to meet the families of those who were killed.

Under Section 25(1) of IPOA Act, the authority is mandated to investigate any death or serious injury including death or serious injury while in police custody, which are the result of police action or were caused by members of the service while on duty.