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Kilobi: Atwoli is an adorable husband

TV journalist Mary Kilobi has opened up to her private life with trade unionist and politician Francis Atwoli, describing her husband as a respectful and adorable character.

In an interview on YouTube, Kilobi also confirmed that she had known the vocal Atwoli for more than a decade prior to their union.


Kilobi’s union to Cotu’s long-serving Secretary General, as a third wife, has in the past elicited debate among Kenyans considering the age gap between the two.

Kilobi said they started dating after their respective previous relationships failed to work.

“I met him in 2005 when I was working at UBC (Uganda Broadcasting Corporation) in Kampala. He came in for an interview and as was the norm, Kenyans working at the station would be called in to say jambo to a visiting Kenyan,” recalls Kilobi.

“We remained in touch even when I came to Nairobi and joined KTN years later. Thereafter, we had a difficult period when I separated with my previous boyfriend in a relationship that I really regret and I think he also had challenges in his relationship at that time.”

“So he told me ‘Mary, I cannot live alone in Nairobi, my first wife is in the village and I don’t want to have another relationship with you other than you being my wife. If you are ready that is fine’,” Kilobi recounted.


Despite there being a difference of about 30 years between the couple, Kilobi says Atwoli is a loving man in private unlike in public where he appears to lose his rag easily.

“He treats me so well. He respects me. He shows me, genuine love. If people doubt there is love then you need to look at us. It is not about (his) money. There are people with money but do not respect others. Money is an added advantage of course. Everyone wants a secure future,” she said.

Kilobi also revealed how much her lifestyle has changed since she settled down with Atwoli.

“I was all alone before. But now I am living with someone. If I plan, it is for two people. So much has changed. I just don’t live and go anywhere. I used to go to the USA every August (on holiday). He’s told me that will not be possible. I have someone to cook for me. Drive me to work,” she said.

Atwoli and Kilobi celebrated the second anniversary of their marriage this year.