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Kilonzo Junior: My father was eliminated

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior has told the court that the death of his father Mutula Kilonzo was “a well-organised elimination”.

He said the interference with samples collected from the body for toxicological tests pointed to the possibility of foul play and criminal act in the delivery of the samples to the United Kingdom.

“The death of my father was not ordinary. It was a well-organised elimination, probably in collaboration with workers, followed by a massive cover-up,” Mr Kilonzo told Senior Magistrate Kipkurui Kibellion in a Machakos court.

Mr Kilonzo Jnr was testifying in an inquest to establish the cause of the death of his father and the first Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo.


Mr Kilonzo died at his Kwa Kyelu home in April 2013 and an autopsy report tabled in court revealed that he died of massive bleeding caused by high blood pressure.

The report was tabled by Dr Simon W Mwangi.

The senator said the samples sent to UK had not been sealed as observed by the pathologist hired by the family, Dr Ian Koller.

He told court: “In November 2013, I received a very disturbing e-mail from Dr Koller. He explained that he had gone out of his way to examine unsealed samples because of the gravity of the matter. Dr  Koller said he would not sign the toxicology report until he received sealed samples.”

Mr Kilonzo Jnr said the trail for the cause of his father’s death had gone cold and even the inquest might be in vain as it might not produce the killer.


“I am greatly pained standing here doing an inquiry which may not bear results.”

There was no explanation given as to why the samples remained in Nairobi for nine days and who was the custodian of the samples for those days, he told the inquiry.

Further, Mr Kilonzo Jnr pointed out that the management of the Nairobi Hospital, which took the samples, was never questioned as to their storage; and similarly, the courier who transported the samples to the UK was never questioned as to why they did not seal them.

Giving evidence after the senator, Dr Mwangi said overdosing on cold capsules probably caused the death. He said a special component found in the senator’s body, plus caffeine from soda, increased his blood pressure and caused haemorrhage of the blood vessels in the brain.

Dr Mwangi said he could not identify the pellets that the senator had taken, but quotes a report showing that they were for treating a cold.

The inquest continues on October 10.