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Kim Kadarshian bans taking of selfies at her ‘Selfish’ book launch

The Queen of Selfies Kim Kardashian West recently banned fans from taking selfies during the signing of her book that is ironically a ‘selfie book.’

Kim’s book signing event held in New York attracted thousands of fans who queued outside the Barnes and Noble waiting to get their books signed.

According to Daily Mirror, the reality TV star made sure the ban was enforced so that the queues of people waiting for her would get the chance to have their book signed and the epic line would keep moving.

New York Daily News reporter Reuven Blau however managed to break the rules and sneaked out his phone right when Kim was signing his book and took the ‘forbiden selfie.’

It has since gone on record as the only selfie taken during the event that was meant to celebrate over 300 photos Kim has taken and compiled in her book dubbed “Selfish.”


The “Keeping up with the Kardashians” star was also briefly distracted by activists who were chanting anti-fur slogans accusing her of being the reason why many animals are killed.

“You need to stop wearing fur. It’s horrible. You’re a terrible person,” one protester told Kardashian.

Another protester went on, “Can you make [the autograph] out to all the animals that have been tortured and killed for you to wear a fur coat?”

A third one added, “Kim, do you know how many animals are tortured and killed for your jackets? Do you know how many animals are skinned alive and anally electrocuted?”

Kim just smiled as the protesters were chased away by security officers.