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Kimaiyo: Kibue is in charge of Nairobi’s security

Get it right from the Inspector General of police. Nairobi  Police Commander Benson Kibue is in charge of all security apparatus in the city .

Any officer seconded to City Hall is subordinate to him, the Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo has clarified.

He cleared the air as confusion as to whom between Kibue and Nairobi Metropolitan police boss Francis Nyambu was the boss.

“City Hall is just an inspectorate and although I don’t want to say who is senior to the other, it follows that the guy in charge of county command becomes superior,” Mr Kimaiyo told NairobiNews.

He explained that Mr Nyambu who has been seconded to City Hall will largely handle security matters within the Central Business District while Mr Kibue’s mandate is broader.

“His jurisdiction is a bit restricted and largely pertains to enforcement of City by-laws with a strong presence in the town centre,” Mr Kimaiyo said.

Mr Nyambu is an assistant Commissioner of police whose deployment to the County government was announced after a meeting between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Governor Evans Kidero at City Hall three weeks ago.

Mr Nyambu will be briefing Dr Kidero on the county’s security situation daily as Mr Kibue does the same to Mr Kimaiyo.

Before this clarification by the Insector General, a security expert, Philip Onguje had asked him to tell the public who was senior between the two.

“There is need for stated jurisdiction so that we don’t end up with a blame game like the post-Westgate period,” said Mr Onguje.