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Kimani Ichung’wa attacked for ‘Kikuyu’ congratulatory tweet to top KCPE pupil

By Mary Wangari November 20th, 2019 2 min read

Kikuyu Member of Parliament Kimani Ichung’wa found himself on the receiving end when his congratulatory message to the KCPE 2019 top candidate countrywide seemed to cause more confusion than the intention.

It all started when the vocal legislator took to his Twitter account on Monday to applaud Andy Michael Munyiri from Demacrest Academy in Kikuyu constituency, Kiambu county, for his stellar performance. Munyiri emerged the best pupil in Kenya after scoring 440 marks.

“CONGRATULATIONS to Andy Michael Munyiri and Damacrest School. You have done Kikuyu proud, wrote the MP.

Ichung’wa’s post elicited mixed reactions with a section of netizens lambasting the MP accusing him of turning the boy’s KCPE success into a tribal affair. Many assumed that he meant the Kikuyu community and not constituency.

“He is a Kenyan for God’s sake stop being tribal at times,” wrote Keribo. “I didn’t expect this from you mhesh*,” mfalme 254 retorted. Hope this is not Honourable Kimani…What a shame,”Jacob said.


“It’s in order to congratulate this young girl for the achievement but to say that she’s made Kikuyus proud is wrong. She made Kenyans proud..not Kikuyus,” wrote Boaz Magak.

“Always thinking along tribal line yenyewe tribalism will never end in Kenya if we still have pple like you,”remarked Rowlance Otieno.

A section of Kenyans who seemed to have understood the politician’s post corrected their fellow netizens.

“Kikuyu is a name of constituency and Kimani Ichung’wa is the MP. So drop the ethnic card and let the MP be,” wrote Ahmed Kafia.

“And what is so hard with having General knowledge that there is a constituency called Kikuyu,” argued Yahaya.

“The tribe is Gikuyu not kikuyu,” wrote James. “He meant kikuyu constituency not kikuyu community,” clarified Stanley Muuo.

However, some felt ought to have made it clear that he was referring to his constituency and not the tribe. “What was so hard in adding constituency?” wondered George Omondi.

“We know this demagogue never meant the constituency but rather the tribe. We know his mind,” argued General Hussein.

“He said, “you have made Kikuyu proud” not you “have made Kikuyus proud”. Kikuyu is a constituency just like kabete,”explained Onesmas Gitau.