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Kimani Ichungwa fingered for ‘double speak’ following invasion on Kenyatta family farm

The National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wa has now changed his tune and disassociated himself from the recent invasion of former president Uhuru Kenyatta’s expansive family land in Northlands.

The vocal and controversial Ichung’wa had earlier warned Mr Kenyatta that his family land could be invaded if he continued supporting and financing the Azimio la Umoja’s weekly demonstrations.

Well, the invasion came to pass and Ichungwa was asked by Kenyans on Twitter to account for his words.

However, he has now called for the arrest of youths who were captured storming the land and stealing properties including goats and trees, before setting it on fire.

In an address to the media, Ichungwa distanced himself from the invasion saying his earlier sentiments were taken out of context as he was voicing the concerns of the people on the ground.

“I’m flattered to hear that people think I have a lot of money. If anyone suspects that I had a role to play in the Northlands farm invasion, then I’m open to investigations. The police can access my phone to establish who I spoke to if I did any mobilization, or which places I visited on or before Monday, March 27. I’m ready to have an investigations file opened against me,” he said.

While warning of a possible invasion, Ichungwa said: “I want to ask our former president to respect other people’s property. If you cannot do that, we have so many questions to ask you starting with the land you occupy in Ruiru, Taita Taveta, and Nakuru. If you attack people’s property, we will also attack your land and ensure those that do not have also get a share.”

This video caused an online uproar with Azimio politicians calling for his arrest. Further, they asked Mr Kenyatta to come out and condemn the invasion retaliating that they are well equipped to counterattack and raid the homes of the leaders who sponsored Monday’s attacks.

On March 27th, 2023, hundreds of people invaded Mr Kenyatta’s family’s Northlands farm in Ruiru which is located along Eastern Bypass.

The intruders who were armed cut down trees using power saws before getting away with an unknown number of livestock. As night was approaching, they set the farm on fire.

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