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Here’s the story behind Kimani Ngunjiri’s beef with Waititu

By PETER MBURU January 10th, 2019 2 min read

Bahati Member of Parliament Kimani Ngunjiri has now turned his guns on Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, whom he is blaming for his current predicament.

Mr Ngunjiri has taken issue with what he terms as outright threats from the governor in the fallout in the Jubilee Party which is currently playing itself out.

Ngunjiri spoke early on Thursday morning an interview with a local radio station, where he started that the governor will be to blame should anything happen to him.


“Umesikia vile Waititu amesema, kuwa watu wale hawaungi mambo yale Rais amesema tutaona. Hakuna kitu tutaona, miaka yetu ya kwenda mbinguni imefika, kama una mpangilio ya kumaliza sisi, we are ready, lakini you cannot threaten people in that manner. Kila mtu ana haki ya opinion yake ya kusema,” Ngunjiri said during the interview.

“Hiyo matamshi ya Waititu ni mbaya zaidi kwa Wakenya, kusema tutaona, then if anything will happen to me Waititu will answer and I can put it on record, he has said it. Nikipata mambo fulani, then he can answer because he has put it very clearly, tutaona,” Ngunjiri further said.

He also claimed that Waiitu has amassed his wealth using public resources, and that that is why the Kiambu governor is pretending to be President Kenyatta’s foot soldier.


The lawmaker’s problems began on Tuesday when he led a group of youth in Nakuru town in faulting President Kenyatta’s statement that leaders asking him to take development to his Mt Kenya backyard are ‘Washenzi’.

Mr Ngunjiri later led his supporters in a procession through the town, while also blaming ODM leader Raila Odinga for their woes.

He also claimed that he had officially launched the ‘Washenzi Movement’.

Unconfirmed reports later indicated that police officers trailed him throughout the day but didn’t arrest him.