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Kin seek Sh100k to treat man bewitched for stealing miraa

Relatives of a man who was allegedly bewitched for stealing miraa are seeking Sh100, 000 for his treatment by a ‘herbalist’.

Henry Thuranira from Kiengu division in Igembe Central is alleged to have stolen miraa six months ago before the owner sought intervention from a local herbalist Ramoh Kathata.

Ramoh inherited his herbal techniques from his father who was known for his prowess in herbal medicine.

The elder Kathata, died in September last year, aged 98, and was claimed to have had 35 wives and 151 children.

His burial was attended by thousands of people including Meru Governor Peter Munya who promised to name one of the streets in Meru town after him.


Mr Thuranira, who is accused of stealing miraa, said his stomach and private parts started swelling last month.

Shocked relatives and villagers are afraid that his largely inflated stomach might burst if he does not get treated in time.

The herbalist said he was ready to restore Mr Thuranira  to his normal state if he is paid Sh100, 000.

“The state of the man can be reversed, but not until his family pays the miraa that he stole and my fees as an herbalist. If he fails to do this his stomach will continue to swell and will later burst,” he warned.


“Herbalists do not harm people but our main purpose it to heal those who have been bewitched. We also help people to identify those who steal their property,” he added.

Residents seem to appreciate the practice, arguing that it bars people from stealing.

Mr Julius Rimiri said it was the best way to punish thieves who were giving miraa owners sleepless nights.

“If you have a miraa farm, you have to guard it day and night against thieves. One goes to an extent of employing watchmen just because of people who don’t want to work hard for their living,” Mr Rimiri said.

Mr Justin Mukaria said the same should apply to husbands and wives snatchers so that people learn a lesson.

Miraa theft is rampant since it fetches immediate and easy cash than any other cash crop.

Besides bewitching, suspects of miraa theft risk having their limbs cut off with a machete.