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Kindiki guarantees medical care for police reservists

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has announced the government will provide medical cover to police reservist and their family members effective July 1, 2023.

Police reservist are individuals appointed by the National Commissioner as a member of the Reserve Police Service to render services as a volunteer in support of the Police.

CS Kindiki spoke during the graduation ceremony for 200 newly trained National Police Reservists at Baringo’s Kimalel Grounds on May, 18, 2023.

“From July, 1, 2023, every National Police Reservist will have an NHIF medical cover. This will be extended to their family members,” said Kindiki, adding that the newly graduates will be deployed to supplement the NPS- KDF Joint operation Team in Baringo North & Baringo South Constituencies.

He also noted the ongoing designing of the police reservist uniform will soon be complete.

The 200 NPR will be provided with all they need to do their duties including footwear.

Addressing the issue of bandits, CS Kindiki noted the government had allocated money to help rebuild the destroyed schools.

“An initial allocation of Sh 100 million has been released for rehabilitation of all schools that were damaged by bandits. KDF officers will manage the reconstruction. Another Sh100 million will be allocated in the second phase to complete the reconstruction,” he added.

He also said the government will recruit and post an additional 100 teachers, to be posted in Baringo South and Baringo North to ensure learning in the reopened schools goes on uninterrupted.

Northen Kenya has been hit by a wave of instability in recent times, with bandits attacking residents, injuring or killing them and stealing their livestock.

President William Ruto and Mr Kindiki have vowed to silence the bandits.

The Kenya Police Reserve (KPR) was formed in 1948 to assist the regular Kenya Police in the maintenance of law and order.

The KPR now only exists in arid and semi arid rural areas of Kenya, particularly in Northern Kenya.

Kenyans are expected to pay more for medical covers from July 1, 2023.

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Kindiki guarantees medical care for police reservists