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King Alami: I didn’t hurt myself after breaking up with Noti Flow

By Beth Nyambura February 25th, 2023 2 min read

King Alami, rapper Noti Flow’s ex-girlfriend, has come out to set the records straight about an accident she involved in after they broke up.

King Alami is reported to have fallen off a highrise building, an incident left her with a badly injured arm.

Speaking in a recent TikTok video, the socialite denied claims that she attempted suicide because of love.

“I did not do anything. I was freaking pushed, fam! I just ignore those things,” she said.

Alami further said she keeps hiding her arm since she is afraid of trolls who keeps reminding her of the unfortunate experience.

“I hide my arm which was cut when I fell. It was not amputated but I am always hiding the arm since I am scared to cross that path since I will be told that I did that because of love,” she added.

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King Alami spent months in the hospital. The socialite seems to however, hold a personal grudge against her ex-girlfriend Noti Flow.

In yet another live session, she told her fans to stop asking her about her psat relationship.

She said she broke up with Noti Flow about seven months ago and that she has already moved on.

King Alami also said the blue Volkswagen that Noti Flow paraded online as a gift for her back when they were dating was all fake.

She talked about the car after a curious fan asked what happened to the car since she hadn’t been seen with it in a long while.

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“Just a question, do you still have the car that Noti gave you?” the fan asked.

Alami responded by letting the Instagram user know that there was no car, to begin with.

“She never gave me a car, it was an act… ni yake” she said.

Noti Flow, while confirming the breakup, told her fans that her relationship with King Alami had been too toxic and that it took a toll on her.

“People still asking me about my x girl really It’s either y’all arrogant or missed my stories that day.”

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