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Coca Cola launch ‘Real Magic’ campaign

The first launch of the Coca-Cola‘ Real Magic’ campaign across Africa took place at MNET Studios in Nairobi on October 29, 2021, a campaign that is part of the beverage firm’s strategy to refresh the brand’s trademark promise.

The stupendous event was hosted by the captain of good vibes, radio personality Sheila Kwamboka alias Kwambox, and on the decks was renowned disk jockey DJ Slim Dee.

Among the other artists who graced the event were Nadia Mukami, King Kaka, and Nikita Kering, where King Kaka performed as the opening act, followed by Nadia Mukami.

Also in attendance was award-winning actress Sara Hassan and radio and TV personality Shix Kapienga.

Coca Cola is a respected brand of all time and is known for maintaining quite the reputable standard as one of the most loved beverages in the world, marking 135 years of existence worldwide, and 70 years in Kenya.

Speaking at the launch, Debra Mallowah, Vice President, East and Central Africa Franchise said that Coca Cola represents far much more than just a beverage.

“We really have been present in this market, as we continue to invest in the market. Over the last five years for example we put around 400 million dollars for state-of-the-art manufacturing and to get us great lines in play.

But we are more than just producing drinks and refreshing the world. As a brand, we won the stats for great cheer, joy, togetherness, and celebratory moments. We have been very intentional in how we are going to make a difference in the communities that we serve and operate, and that’s what makes Coca-Cola more than just a drink. That’s what makes it magical,” said Mallowah.

The ‘Real Magic’ campaign embodies the idea that life is full of magic, identified through love, winning at life, helping each other, discovering new things and sharing experiences. The brand seeks to manifest the philosophy that the more real we are, the more magical life becomes, and with every Coca Cola is a chance to embrace that. Under the ‘Real Magic’ campaign, Coca Cola is all about celebrating life.

“Coca Cola is real and magical at the same time. It’s a secret formulation that is authentic. So with that kind of philosophy and ideology we have as a brand, with that kind of hope that we want to bring to humanity today, is very important, more than ever before. We want to embrace all of you to live and embrace what real magic is,” said Vice President, Marketing, Africa Operating Unit, Diego Ricalde.

“There are more things that unite us, more than those that divide us, and we are one coke away from each other. That’s basically the distance that separates us,” added Riclade. One coke away from each other is a metaphor that speaks to the belief that what unites people is greater than what sets them apart and celebrates common humanity.

“The more real we are, the more magical we are. And the more together we are, the more magic we will bring to the world. As part of this new philosophy, we want to introduce a new perspective of the brand logo. The logo has been very authentic and iconic for the history of the world. So today we introduce a new perspective of the logo. Now inspired by its appearance, we’re highlighting the heart shape to embrace culture, humanity and authenticity in the same spirit. With this, we will be able to experience real magic,” reiterated Mr. Diego.

“We have collaborated with many artists and photographers in this design and they are going to help showcase this new celebration that you are going to see across different points in Kenya, Africa, and across the globe,” Mr. Diego concluded.

Among other representatives from Coca Cola during the launch were Managing Director, Coca-Cola Beverages Africa- Kenya Xavier Selga, Frontline Marketing Director, Coca-Cola East and Central Africa Franchise Isabelle Kariuki Rostom, and Frontline Marketing Portfolio, Senior Manager-Kenya Miriam Limo