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King Kaka features wife Nana Owiti on latest album

Musician King Kaka, born Kennedy Ombima, has released his latest Extended Play (EP) consisting ten songs dubbed ‘Happy Hour’, which features his wife Nana Owiti, a famed TV presenter on the official cover.

The album was released in Nairobi on November 30.

“We had already done the cover photoshoot before but it wasn’t working because I was very sick and thin. So at the time, I decided I should let my wife be the cover because she has played a very important role,” explained King Kaka.

This marks the first Extended Play by the punchline maestro in 13 years. “Today we are celebrating my second birthday. My birthday is on May 7th but today I am dropping my first EP in 13 years, called ‘Happy Hour’,” said Kaka Empire CEO.

In his new EP, King Kaka, whose real name is Kennedy Ombima, collaborated with other notable Kenyan artists who include Amos and Josh, Wakadinali, Kristoff, Rich Mavoko, Okello Max, Ndume, and Ykee Benda.

During the release celebration, King Kaka shed some light on his illness and current look and feel after recovery. “I feel so good right now I can’t believe it. I was 85kgs, then dropped to 62Kgs. It was crazy, but right we’re grateful to God for the gift of life, for I remember I wasn’t even able to walk, eating was a story, but right now I can eat and walk. There’s no better feeling than that,” said King Kaka.

He added that the cause of his severe illness was a misdiagnosis and misprescription which ultimately deteriorated his health over time.

Due to his illness, his EP release was slightly delayed to make room for better recovery, with the initial date having been set for 1st October 2021. “The songs were already recorded, but with my illness, we had to push forward the release date. There’s a documentary, however, that’s dropping tomorrow, that shows the making of the EP,” said the ‘dundaing hitmaker.