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King Kaka: Money, fame, drove me away from family

Singer Kennedy Ombima, better known by his stage names King Kaka and Rabbit, has shared his life experiences in the entertainment scene, explaining how his search for money forced him to drift away from his family.

King Kaka points out the moments where he would leave home early in the morning only to return late at night when his family members were asleep.

This, he says, denied him an opportunity to meet up and bond with them.

The Wajinga Nyinyi hitmaker adds that his status as a popular musician however earned him income to buy his family members ‘everything they needed’.

But it came as a price because, with time, he found himself drifting away from the most important people in his life.

“Yes, I had money in the account, but it separated me from my family. There was a distance between me, you (Nana), and the kids. It separated me from my mum, brothers, and cousins. One day mum called me and said my cousins were complaining I was not picking their calls.

But at that time my bank account had money, I could pay for my mum’s health, give you everything for Geezy (the couple’s first child), we had the money for rent, shopping, and you got everything you(Nana) wanted.

The rapper who was speaking on his wife, Nana Owiti’s YouTube channel on parenthood, says it took a conversation with his daughter to realize what was happening in his life.

“Geezy one day asked a troubling question, and that’s when everything changed. Geezy asked, ‘papa, I don’t get to see you, where are you always at, where do you work? Does it mean those people need you more than us’?” Kaka said

According to Kaka, that was a turning point in his life, and he completely adjusted his working schedule to create time for his family.