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King Kaka responds to pastor’s claims that his new gospel song is ‘demonic’

By Winnie Mabel December 31st, 2022 2 min read

Eleven days ago, King Kaka collaborated with Goodluck Gozbert to release a gospel song, Umenibariki (You have blessed me), to the jubilation of their fans who applauded the meeting of a secular artiste and a gospel singer to release a big tune.

In the song, the duo acknowledge God’s love and how they are thankful to God for taking away their pain and shame; how very thankful they are for God’s blessing and protection over the years.

King Kaka raps about how he has gone through problems but he realized God loved him with a genuine love.

The song begins with Gozbert singing the chorus where he sings in part, “Kwenye 1,2,3, ningekuwa number 6,” and as he dances along to the beats, his right hand fingers take the formation of a symbol.

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His fingers take the formation of a letter ‘W’ as the two fingers in the middle of the index and little finger appear to want to cross each other in an ‘X’ sign that ‘leans forward’.

As other fans raved about the song being one of the best releases of the year, one Pastor Benson K Official sensationally claimed that there are demonic connotation in the music video.

“I’m not here to attack but spotted a sign from Gozbert in the 12th and 13th second and talking about being number 6 in the 36th second,” Pastor Benson wrote.

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The hand sign that Gozbert is accused of making is a satanic hand gesture for the sign of the horns and the sign is used to invoke the Horned god (a goat like creature) during religious rituals by Satanists.

The number 6 features in the 666 – the number of the beast as mentioned in Revelation 13:15-18; and is used to signify the devil or antichrist.

However in response, King Kaka merely down played the Pastor Benson’s accusation.

“Hii dunia iko na mambo! (This world has so many issues!) Anyway, keep streaming on YouTube,” he wrote.

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